Welcome to Find the Good!  

We are so glad you are here and are checking us out.  I know that there's an intro on other pages but this is our space to write out any thoughts or ideas that we want to share.  It will likely be random, but we will be sharing more details of our lives here.  

We're foster parents and as of today, we have 5 kids in our home.  Yes I said FIVE.  We've had four, and most recently had three, but when we heard of two siblings sleeping on the floor of a CPS office and we had the space, we knew we had to help.  We quickly made arrangements and moved rooms around and here they were.  I remember thinking, oh this will be easy, we've had four littles, it can't be that bad.  Oh how naive was I.  It's not bad, it's just WILD.  But I wouldn't trade this time for anything.  Yes we're launching a business.  Yes it's the end of school year and we're weeks away from summer (and five kids at home). Yes we have two special needs kiddos.  But when I'm putting our kiddos to bed and I do our nightly check in, "Are you ok?  Do you need anything?  Are you happy?"  And they both respond with big smiles and say "Yes, very happy!"  I know that we made the right decision to welcome them into our home. 

Foster Care is a major part of our lives. So we will be sharing a lot about it.  But we hope to share more.  Things that God is teaching us.  Things we've tried in the kitchen.  (Let's be real, maybe my sister can do a guest post because this momma is too busy to be trying things in the kitchen.)  Or exciting things about Find the Good.  But no matter what, we're excited to be on this journey with you!  

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